About me and the purpose of this site

I have been working at Dartmouth (Hanover, NH) since 1983. My two major responsibilities are to direct the Academic Skills Center (224 Baker) and teach Writing 5 (previously English 5). Both have given me the wonderful opportunity to get to know and work with a diversity of Dartmouth students.

TheĀ purpose of this siteĀ is to present and explore how I teach Writing 5 and how the student respond to my instruction and guidance through their writing.

Class is Writing 5, a required course for all first year Dartmouth students. Class enrollment is capped at 16. We meet Tuesday and Thursdays, 10:10-noon, in a third floor Carson “smart” seminar room.


present syllabus (what my intent and goalls are and in regards to Writing Program (IWR) guidelines)

track series of eight weekly assignments, class instructions and discussion as it pertains to writing (thinking, problem solving, idea definition), as well as the research paper assignment.

Portfolio entries, as pertains to writing