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Michael Everett | Anthropology 70: Experiencing Human Origins in South Africa

This website is a final product for an anthropology course taken at Dartmouth College during the Fall Term of 2016. During the winter break following the Fall this class went on an inquiry trip to South Africa to study individual research questions and experience the lessons we learned in class about the country. Research questions varied from cultural to biological topics. My specific research question dealt with biomechanical models for climbing and primate occupation of a specific ecological niche.

Both the project and trip reflections for this class will be password protected on this site due to ongoing research ideas and personal observations of my time in the country. Should this project develop into a larger research plan, the 'Ongoing Research' section will explain the current state of my progress.

Thank you Dartmouth College, DCAL and President Hanlon for giving us the support and funding to pursue this inquiry trip. My time in South Africa with my professors, fellow students, local peoples, and foreign researchers has been an invaluable experience to my education and personal growth. I highly urge the continued funding of this program to provide future generations of Dartmouth students the same amazing experience I had this winterim.